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You've poisoned me. This "LIVE." virus will rework my brain into something else. Something less human. Something less alive. Something like a sponge. Water comes in. Water comes out. Less food on the latter. I don't know why I deserved this asked by Anonymous

Is it weird that I read that as "live". Like the band or "LIVE from New York"? So now I'm stuck pondering what "live" could mean in this. I mean, it's fully possible this is exactly what you wanted to happen. But then I'd have to question why you would send me down this path. Sure, I was bored and couldn't sleep, but now I'm on my way to existential hell. asked by Anonymous

I'm too bored to sleep. Wat do? asked by Anonymous


How about you just use this question to post a gif you were afraid you wouldn't get an opportunity to post? asked by Anonymous

What do you wish you had in Oklahoma that you had in California? asked by Anonymous

About 100% less bigotry.



Okay, if Kerry was to force you to watch a movie, what's the worst you think she'd do? asked by Anonymous

Oh something like Veggie Tales or something.
She says Bee Movie.
I was woefully underestimating her.

You're a monster. asked by Anonymous

Does my vast history of crime and evil-doing intimidate you?

If you could force Kerry to watch any movie, what would it be? asked by Anonymous

I frequently force Kerry to watch movies. I think I’ve even gone through the whole list of things I wanted her to see!

[ X ]

[ X ]

I had to google "jackballing." I came away with more questions than answers asked by Anonymous

Okay I don’t know what the results were and I’m not checking, but it’s taking the Jack In the Box antenna balls off cars.

Mindlessly hum. What tune is it? asked by Anonymous

Impossible to say, Kerry is playing music right now… Probably Chandelier, let’s be honest.

What has been your favorite moment from a DnD session? asked by Anonymous

"Clickity clack, the bucket aint comin’ back."

Tell us about the best day you've ever had! asked by Anonymous

I have to admit that it’s still hand-in-hand with the hardest I’ve ever laughed, and that is of course Cougarpocalypse AKA the Parade of Random Motherfuckers vs Hinderman AKA the John Connor Incident.

If you could sail on any pirate captain's ship, whose would it have been and why? asked by Anonymous

Maybe it seems like the obvious answer but Edward Teach was so damn strange and intense. He wasn’t the most successful but he was the most pirate pirate, through and through, in everything from personality to visage to politics to leadership. He would have been something to behold.

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